At every significant loading and discharge point for the oil, gas,  petrochemical industries, Goods, Seeds, Etc

EGCO offers top-notch service and support. We are able to give accurate quality and quantity determination, as well as the local and international industry knowledge necessary to encourage successful commerce, thanks to our broad expertise of cutting-edge laboratories and expert inspectors and technicians.

Draft Survey

The weight of any materials being loaded onto (or released from) a vessel can be ascertained via a draft survey. The skilled and knowledgeable personnel at EGCO can conduct a draft survey on your behalf and generate an impartial draft survey report.

Our draft surveyors feed the raw data from their readings into EGCO’s unique draft survey software. This program calculates the weight loaded (or discharged) using the internationally standardized draft survey protocol. We then compile the resulting findings into a draft survey report containing all of the details obtained during the survey. You can use this report as the basis for quantity certification of the cargo.

Loading, Discharging, Supervision & Inspection

EGCO’s Operating within the major Libyan ports aims to minimize commercial risk by quickly and accurately determining the condition, quality and properties of goods transported, loaded or discharged.

Our inspection helps you to reduce the risk of loss or damage of goods at key points in the supply chain. Accurate and timely loading, discharging and sampling mitigate loss exposure.

Whether you are shipping a consignment of oil, gas, petrochemical, grains or general cargo, EGCO can help safeguard your interests by providing independent inspection and testing services during loading or discharge.

Cleanliness Inspection of Vessels

An inspection of the ship’s cargo holds or ship tanks will be carried out by one of EGCO’s skilled and experienced inspectors to ascertain whether they are in a condition to accept the intended cargo.

The EGCO’s cleanliness supervision services include a precise report of the state of a vessel’s holds, tanks, and, if applicable, the quality of its coating. The adequacy of cleaning techniques, the existence of residues, foreign odours, and any infestation will all be evaluated by EGCO based on past shipments.

Daily Updates of Operational Status

Daily and continuously, the EGCO’s inspectors will monitor the activities, prepare the relevant reports, and include any notes that our specialists see regarding the operations.

The reports are complemented by an illustrative depiction of the state of the items and the status and manner of the loading/discharging operation in order to give consumers the entire picture.

Quality & Quantity Determination

We provide a wide range of specially designed sample techniques for stockpiles, silos, warehouses, holds, and tanks as well as for belt-loaded items.

We can guarantee that the samples taken are accurately representative of the cargo and in conformity with international standards thanks to the expertise and certified inspectors.

  • Verification of sampling equipment calibration
  • Supervision or actual sampling of correct sampling increments
  • Independent check weighing of bulk or bagged products loaded or discharged
  • Sample preparation to produce a quality/laboratory sample for analysis and sample traceability purposes
  • Laboratory testing to confirm compliance with all necessary regulations-  and contractual requirements

Sealing of holds

For many different types of cargo, it is important that water is prevented from reaching the cargo, additionally, it may be a requirement that the air circulation around the cargo is kept to a minimum. As such, it is a common practice to close the ship’s watertight cargo holds, manholes, and ventilation hatches for the duration of the voyage.

As a means of verifying if the cargo hold has, for some reason, been opened during the course of a voyage, we seal/unseal cargo holds/hatches and all entrances with a tamper-proof, single-use seal before issuing a sealing/unsealing certificate.

Damage & Contamination Surveys

In order to help our clients minimize the loss in terms of the quantity and value of their goods, EGCO offers damage & contamination surveys to ascertain the nature, cause, and extent of damage to items.

Our knowledgeable staff of inspectors gives us the confidence to meet our client’s needs for bulk, and general cargo contamination surveys as well as liquid product contamination.

Sampling & Sample Preparation Supervition Services

EGCO’s staff in each office can assist with your sampling and sample handling needs.                                                                                       

Our expert teams and unrivalled experience ensure that samples taken are truly representative of the cargo and in accordance with ISO and other international standards.  We ensure accurate calibration and the correct sample preparation and moisture determination to produce a quality sample for analysis.


EGCO utilized laboratories testing Oil, Gas, petrochemicals, Seeds, Etc.

EGCO is proud of its expertise in testing and analytical laboratories and facilities allowing the testing of Oil, Gas, petrochemicals, Seeds, Etc. industries across Libya to have timely access to accurate information about their samples, as part of their risk management procedures.

Highly trained technicians are responsible for the preparation of samples and processing them through all stages to determine precise elemental composition. Fast delivery is essential but there is no compromise on quality. EGCO operates an all-embracing quality assurance and quality control and is widely used as an umpire or arbitrator as well as undertaking regular party work on behalf of global clients.

Stock & Warehouse Monitoring

EGCO have dedicated teams to be the ‘Eyes and Ears’ for our clients.

For clients to ensure that value is not lost due to improper storage or security lapses, excellence in stockpile monitoring is crucial.

Beyond auditing, stock monitoring necessitates a thorough understanding of the variables influencing the stock’s condition as well as its physical state. Highly skilled inspectors from EGCO are available to provide clients with guidance on all facets of the stock. Our wide reach enables us to carry out this task anywhere in Libya with the highest standards and a consistent methodology.

We serve as our client’s eyes and ears, offering a very affordable solution to ensure that stocks are being managed properly.

MEASUREMENT OF WEIGHT SUPERVISION Calculating the consignment weight

To determine the weight of a vessel before and after loading, EGCO conducts draft surveys. Our surveyors can weigh individual cargo as it is loaded or emptied with the help of intermediate surveys that can be carried out during loading into various holds.

Similar to this, a weighbridge and a daily draft survey are used to estimate weight if the material is transported by trucks.

Our knowledgeable surveyors supervise and maintain weighing methods to guarantee that amounts are precise and that product value is realized.

On/Off Hire Surveys

EGCO’s team of surveyors are regularly engaged by parties involved in vessel charters. We inspect the vessel from stem to stern, recording relevant information, and we then work to produce a thorough report of the vessel’s condition upon (re)delivery.

By having an impartial and professional report of the vessel’s condition, the parties involved with a charter have an impartial point of reference in the event of