EGCO is a company that has experience with a wide variety of independent inspection, surveying, sampling, and testing services around the clock, every day of the year

"Working with you was a pleasure, and the services were outstanding"
-One of our clients

Some of the projects we've done

Cleanliness Inspection of Vessels

The EGCO cleanliness supervision services include a precise report of the state of a vessel's holds, tanks, and, if applicable, the quality of its coating.

Draft Survey

The weight of any materials being loaded onto a vessel can be ascertained via a draft survey.

Witnessing of weighting operations

To determine the weight of a vessel before and after loading, EGCO conducts draft surveys. Our surveyors can weigh individual cargo as it is loaded or emptied with the help of intermediate surveys that can be carried out during loading into various holds.

Equipment of inspection

Specialized equipment in the hands of EGCO experienced surveyors can help to determine the exact locations of any leaks as well as the extent of leakage.

p&i surveys

Protection and indemnity insurance, commonly known as P&I, is a form of marine insurance provided by a P&I Club.
A P&I Club is a mutual insurance association that provides cover for its members. Various claims may arise from different parties.
The scope of our services encompasses the following:

  • P&I entry / annual condition surveys.
  • Bunker quality/quantity claims.
  • Occupational accidents.
  • Collisions with other ships or fixed / floating installations.
  • Contaminations of liquid cargoes (off-spec).
  • Quantity differences.
  • Cargo contamination with sea- or ballast/ bilge water.
  • Cargo contamination with oil from the ship’s hydraulic system.
  • Cargo contamination with other cargoes on board.
  • Cargo contamination with previous cargoes.
  • Blocking of cargo due to wrong carrying temperature.
  • Wetting damage due to ingress of water/non-weathertight hatch covers.